Finding the right person to achieve the client's goals and vision. We specialize in startups and find talent from the director level up. We also have a proven 100 day integration plan to accelerate an executive's transition.

Growth Initiatives

Finding difficult talent, building for high growth, successful staffing process and interviewing guidance, burn rate maximization, integration and cultural training, cost effective recruiting solutions.

Athletic Development

Building leaders. We provide a playbook for leadership development, 100% responsibility, and peak performance. Key components for leadership and peak performance. We train ADs, coaches, team- captains, student-athletes, and tutors, the whole athletic department, in a systematic approach, supported with on-line 24/7 access to coaching videos and advise. We also unlock stressors.

Human Resources:

Providing an onsite HR generalist, backed by a network of senior level HR professionals, at the appropriate dosage for the client with on-site presence ranging from once a quarter up to 3 days per week. The HR generalist is also supported with our network of off-the-shelf HR process and programs that can be fine-tuned to fit the client's cultural and current needs.

Human Resources:

Providing best practices, process and programs for the HR function from startups to mid-size organizations. Utilizing a network of top-level consultants with niche expertise (strategy coaches, OD consultants, options experts, comp specialist, benefit planners) as well as strong general practitioners (HR audits, trainers, downsizing, acquisitions, workplace investigators, documentation).

Our Services Include:

• Executive Search & Recruitment
• Strategic Planning
• Company Offsite
• Organizational Development
• HR Compliance Assessments
• Employee Handbooks & Policies

• Athletic Team Development
• Athletic Team 100% Responsibility
• Student-Athlete Recruitment
• Performance Management
• 360° Reviews
• Compensation & Incentive Plans

• High Performance Coaching
• Management Training
• Employee Anonymous Surveys
• Workplace Investigations
• Outplacement & Career Planning
• Executive Development